I recently set up an order with Norstrom’s styling service called Trunk Club. I really enjoy doing these styled boxes because I can use all of the help I can get sometimes when it comes to trends. After having a few misses with Stitch Fix, I decided to give Trunk Club a go. I really appreciate the quality of most Nordstrom brands and their customer service has always been stellar. Now, in the physical store, Nordstrom stylists will provide their famous complimentary personal shopping service – which I highly recommend! But one of the things that I love most is being able to try on pieces alongside my closet at home. It’s helpful for me to make decisions based on what fits in with my current wardrobe staples. Having my own items accessible while trying on new ones makes decision making on new purchases a breeze.

Like most styling services available now, you are assigned a stylist, complete a size/ fit questionnaire and link any appropriate pinterest boards and social media channels that you think may help the stylist dress you.  I sent my stylist this board on pinterest. I use it to categorize trends or looks I’d like to try for each season. I use this board to help me shop and keep me on track when trying to fill holes in my closet. I also even have aboard full of the items I’ve already purchased to make shopping in person easier. It’s a little work on the front end, but I have found it to be SO helpful!

My stylist sent me a preview of what she was thinking for my first styled box – a feature that stitch fix doesn’t provide. The added preview and customization option was so nice! It saves time compared to going in blind on what you’ll receive and allows you to change the color of an item if available and I was able to nix items I really didn’t like or items I already owned. I also had the chance to communicate with my stylist about what she had picked out and let her know if we were on the right track. After I gave the green light on my finetuned box, my stylist added a few more items that she thought would fit in well with the mix and I was even able to add a few myself! A day or two later it arrived, ready to be tried on in my own personal and private dressing room at home.

I asked my stylist to include trendy items since I already have a good foundation of high quality staple pieces in my current wardrobe. Lets just say, she definetly delivered! All in alI, I would absolutly do this again in the (near) future and would recommend it to anyone looking for a little help with their style. I’m already excited to order my second box.

I did an IG stories series on my instagram account @elizabeth.fullerton if you’re interested in seeing me try them on live. Or if you prefer, I plan on writing another post detailing the items that I was sent along with the full scoop of what I decided to keep soon!